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First Ship being released

We will be releasing the first ship in our ship of the line section 05/08/2014. I think you will be excited as we are to show off our first ship with interiors and exteriors. Please come back and see the new ship of the line section on 05/08/2014,

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New ships coming…

Space Faction team is proud to announce that we are planning to do a ship of the line section of both steam and our website. In the coming weeks we will be releasing the first set of ships both, interiors and exteriors of the ships. We will be releasing the first ship by next week.

We think you will be impressed with it’s design. Please keep checking back for more updates and details of our game progress. We will also be announcing how you can help with the development process as well. We feel ultimately you as the player should help what direction this game will take.

Stay tuned for more information on this and more exciting updates as well…

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Steam Greenlight

We have launched our Steam Greenlight concept page.

You can check it out Here  steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_202528744_preview

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New Forums coming…

We currently developing the forums for the community.

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Website is still being updated.

Please bare with us as we are still currently updating the site.

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Game Engine Confirmed.

The Space Faction Team decided to go with the Unreal 4 engine. More information coming soon.

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Web Site Revamped

04-20-2014- The website has been revamped and updated, added information on the F.A.Q. section.

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