What is Space Faction?

Space Faction is a PvP MMO Click Here for more info.


What setting does the game take place in?

Space and ground. On board player ships, stations, Planets,
Moons, Asteroids, bases, and much more.


Is Space Faction a single player, multi player, or an MMO?

Space Faction is an MMO.


What is an MMO?

Massive Multilayer Online. Game is set in a persistent Universe.

Game world evolves and changes, no matter if your logged in game or not.


What features will be in the game?



What country will this game be released in?


What platform will this game be compatible with?

PC for sure. Keep an eye out for future announcements related to other platforms.


What is the systems requirements?


What game engine are you using?

Unreal 4


When is this game set to be released?



Where can I get more information about Space Faction?

Always right here at Space Faction or you can check us out on Steam Greenlight: